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Nothing like this has ever been produced before to the best of my knowledge. Meaning it is authentic. Authenticity is the hallmark of a true master of his art in my opinion. – P.P.


  • Discover critical laws that govern survival, success and power.
  • Train in extraordinary lessons that drive immediate results.
  • Harness fundamental skills and grow your natural ferocity.
  • Take charge of your trajectory in the dark world.


It isn’t a cri de coeur for dark times. It’s the education program for the cadre that will save us. – J.K.


The original classic ebook edition will be instantly sent to you. The precursor to Ivan Throne’s bestselling book has given thousands a strong path through the dark world and transformed their success. Discover the knowledge of that social justice warriors call “so dangerous that men should be imprisoned for reading, even if they have committed no crime”.


Only to say that I’m honored to be part of this revolution of realism and subtle insurgency. Understanding the nature of the world was a key factor to a young man with no monetary or effective capital like I was, to a man of success in the middle of a national economic crisis. The world is not a kind place. Those who can see the beauty in the darkness to harness and incorporate its powers instead of fearing it, will have an unfair advantage over the delusional majority. Thank you for your work, and success. – L.N.


The author forged this system over decades of cruel experience. It began with profound trauma in early childhood, shaped itself during long training in the eastern warrior arts, and was polished amidst financial industry competition and family crisis. Master this content, discover the full extent of your capabilities, and deliver yourself to a place that few men ever reach: joyous mastery of your own fate.


Read it. Train it. Live it.


Survive the dark world

with momentous ferocity,

and triumph.