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Like the Art of War, it is more a book you will carry with you for years, and reread occasionally, as ideas that slipped past you on the first second and third reading suddenly come into focus in light of experiences you picked up in the intervening years. The author says as much in the beginning. You need to set aside a good amount of time for it, because there may be ten ideas on a page which you need to read carefully, and then think about as you contemplate where you have seen the mechanism at play in your experiences.


With over sixty deeply transformative training exercises in THE NINE LAWS the reader is immersed in a new and severely sharpened mindset and perspective on survival, momentum and triumph. Not a quick and disposable read for the short attention spans of spoiled millenials, this book is “education for the cadres that will save us” from the collapse of Western culture.


The Nine Laws Five Star Reviews Dusan Djukich, co-founder and senior parter of CORPORATE REINVENTION ASSOCIATES



The training part of The Nine Laws is very different than what you may expect. Many of the exercises consist of what I would call “merciless introspection” and detailed observation of one’s own habits, posture, and actions, followed by “tasks” that put into practice the desired results of these introspections and observations; but they are not the simplistic specific tasks one finds in many “self-help” books. Consider this:


Task: Take steps each day to do one permanent thing that cannot be taken back. Begin with very small and deliberate actions. Respect the power of irreversible action. Build familiarity with it.


There are scores of subjects and the associated tasks in the book, each requiring patient, detailed and ceaseless probing, thought and action. Going through them all and doing them justice is the work of years, not days or months. While I have highlighted portions of my Kindle edition, I greatly look forward to possessing the physical book and making notes and recording actions in it.
Neovictorian, proprietor of SANITY IN THE DIAMOND AGE


With a knowledge base founded and driven from harsh and unrelenting experience, deep and comprehensive study of Eastern martial traditions and direct personal challenge in the reality of the dark world we all inhabit, Ivan Throne has created a sharply incisive book that ranks amongst the classics.


What if Julius Evola had written a samurai treatise? What if Lao Tzu had written a long, systematic book of philosophy instead of the short, poetic chapters of the Tao Te Ching? What if the famed, long-lost book On Nature by Heraclitus – he who was called “The Dark” – were to be found and published? In each case, the book might look something like Ivan Throne‘s The Nine Laws.
Martin Aurelio, BLOGGER


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