Genesis of The Foreword


The Foreword to THE NINE LAWS was written by a Wall Street Journal contributor and national security expert.


Joseph Katzman, author of the Foreword to THE NINE LAWS, initially came across the work of Ivan Throne through one of Ivan’s most popular articles. Titled “3 Steps To Gladiator Power”, the article provides fierce, quickly actionable training exercises designed to snap men out of mental, physical and emotional complacency. And it provided fearsome lessons that drove them into a new and powerful mindset of ferocity, determination and achievement.

THE NINE LAWS Genesis: Three Steps To Gladiator Power

Now that original article is available as a free ebook to readers – and has been transformed into a dynamic training module with exclusive updates periodically streamed out with new lessons, new exercises, and new perspectives designed to help men get started on their own personal hardening of the mind, body and spirit for the new age that arrives with such dreadful swiftness.

Joseph Katzman is a brilliant writer and keen observer of geopolitical realities. He is also a sharp, incisive observer of human nature and the process by which human beings seek, coalesce and implement power in the dark world. His application of the Gladiator Power lessons formed the genesis for his personal relationship with Ivan Throne, and led to his collaboration on the structure and, ultimately, writing the very Foreword to THE NINE LAWS:


The morning breaks quietly in my office as I watch them saw off a brave man’s head.

I’ve come across a new writer named “Ivan Throne,” who challenged me to learn something I didn’t know about myself. The world is dark, he says.

And? I’ve seen and publicly coined key national security trends, and I actually read human rights reports. You don’t have to tell me.

Ah, but go ask yourself how you would have endured, says Ivan, as you watch these videos of ISIS. Of death and persecution in The Bloodlands during World War II. Of Cambodian mass murderers at Tuol Sleng, who sound like they just walked out of an American college.

This morning, I watch. I ask.

He’s right. What I thought I knew is not enough. I contemplate this in silence. Then Ivan’s next lesson kicks down the door:


There is no one coming to save you. Your power in the world is all that you and your loved ones can depend upon.


“There are no laws.” The last of his Nine Laws. The Zen void that penetrates all things, and extends to all things.

I think I need to pay more attention to this guy.

That day, and for many days thereafter, I train a little harder. I focus a bit more. It’s a shallow application. But it’s a start.

Getting started is the most important thing…

Joseph Katzman, editor emeritus of DEFENSE INDUSTRY DAILY


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