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THE NINE LAWS is your living manual of power, distilled for you by the man who was forced to build it to survive.


…among the best mindset/strategy books out there, and I expect that there will be a lot of copies of Art of War and Five Rings throughout the world finding a bold new title sharing their space on the bookshelves of the world.


The author forged this system over decades of cruel experience. It began with profound trauma in early childhood, shaped itself during long training in the eastern warrior arts, and was polished amidst financial industry competition and family crisis. Master this content, discover the full extent of your capabilities, and deliver yourself to a place that few men ever reach: joyous mastery of your own fate.




THE NINE LAWS is not, as is typical with too many “power law” books, based on reading academic journalists and copying-and-pasting famous quotes. Instead, Ivan shares his own personal experiences in overcoming adversity. Adversity was his teacher, and now, from his pain and suffering, you too can learn how to overcome the challenges life presents you.
Mike Cernovich, bestselling author of GORILLA MINDSET


This book is not for the uncertain or the timid. THE NINE LAWS is designed for men who are acutely aware that one lifetime is all they have to pursue and achieve their sacred purpose.

Far more than a mere self-help book, or a simple collection of advice and ideas, THE NINE LAWS is a gravely serious operating system for success in a dark world.


Read it. Train it. Live it.


Survive the dark world

with momentous ferocity,

and triumph.